How It All Began

Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, DJMenson was always intrigued by the talented hands of many entertainers, such as Funk Master Flex, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jay Master Jay, and Bad Boy Bill.  He wired up two turntable stereos to a pair of speakers and began buying vinyl from The Music  Factory in Jamaica, NY. Using money from his first job at McDonalds, UPS packages were arriving every two weeks filled with hip hop,  r&b,  house, and AV8 party breaks. With his ears trained,  Menson  began to practice the arts of beat mixing, scratching, and mashing up  music. 

Making and selling mix-tapes only did so much before he wanted more, so Menson applied to and began working as a DJ/roady for Cisco's Disco. Mixing for Cisco allowed the fine tuning of his skills because people paid for great entertainment this time!  Ricky, Steve, and Dave were the main guys and  they really were masters of the craft. They would tell me 'be at the party, don't be a part of the party.'  They  spoke and I listened."   This job also brought a new aspect of the  industry to Menson...the nightlife!  Every weekend and some occasional Thursdays, Cisco's Disco  provided the entertainment for a lounge inside  the Ramada Inn. Because he was only 15, Menson had to be snuck in. DJing in a nightclub which catered towards men and women 40+, he  was  dropping tracks from Lime,  DJ Kool, Run DMC, and Aly-us' "Follow  Me" on +8% (without pitch  control) lol.

A Few Years Later

While in his late teen years and before the "18 to Party", Menson spent  some weekends out at teen nights in Seaside Heights at Club XS,  Temptations,  and at Yakety-Yak in Ocean. So when his friends were out  dancing, Menson was literally studying the DJs, mainly DJ Unique at  Yakety Yak.  Unique and MC Showboat knew how to throw a party!  After a  few times there, Menson introduced himself with a hand shaking. 

In middle school, Menson linked up with a classmate that was a sick  Euro-house DJ/producer, Cory Minto.  They created a friendship, began a professional relationship working together which lead to help from Minto to his get into a few local bars.  Lastly, Minto put his neck out  on the line and got him into a hip-hop room in Stingrays in Old Bridge, NJ circa 2001.  Saturday nights at Stingrays lasted a few years then when they sold the land for home development, we went elsewhere for gigs.  They're still great friends today after more than 20 years, and now, business partners for
Stay In The Mix.

With a few more years of experience, Menson rejoined with a neighbor, DJ  Robbie O.  He was a well-known and talented radio/nightclub DJ in  Miami  who ventured to the Jersey Shore for residencies at Jenks Club  and  Bamboo and Seaside. With Robbie O. backing him up, Menson got a  shot in Long Beach Island at Joe Pops where he maintained a four  year-residency and during the shore's off season, Menson was offered a Thursday Night residency at Jenks Club and held it down for a three  years with  scattered Saturday Nights throughout the summer!  While mixing one night at Jenks, the DJ booth opened the door and in walked DJ Unique with his hand out ready to shake. Unique and Menson are still  friendly with each other to this day.

Most Recently...

In 2009, Menson was recruited by radio Matt Knight and chosen to be a mixer for Hit 106's Hit Mix @ 5 along with others like DJ Unique and DJ Prime.  The Hit Mix @ 5 was successful for almost two years before the station was reformatted to country.

That year also brought forth a phone call from DJ Prime seeing if he would like to come aboard with Blue Monster Talent.  Menson agreed and stayed busy at places like Club Karma and Spicy's in Seaside Heights, The Shell in LBI, the worldly  known Martell's Tiki Bar, Iron Bar, and Revolution Morristown, The Shannon Rose,  Rivals in PA, and Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY among many others.

In the late Summer of 2015, a dream of Menson's came true; he saw DJ Jazzy Jeff perform live at Le Avenue in Long Branch, NJ.  After waiting in line for maybe ten minutes, "We shook hands, he took a photo with me (and my wife),  I told him that he was the reason that I picked up turntables," Jeff's response was,  "thank you, never put them down".  That remains one of the best moments in his life...

"Aside from the support of family and friends, I wouldn't be where I am without so many of these guys.  

Thank you."