DJ Lessons


Even before I had the money to buy my first DJ equipment, I was recording mixes from the radio and thinking how I could be just as good.

While there were many DJs to look up to, I never had an actual teacher or tutor to help me hone in on skills or give me tips. It was me in my room with trial and error. YouTube didn't exist, nor were there websites to look at, and of course, no Instagram page to loop until I got it right.  I worked for it... Hours a day, for weeks, and years upon years.

I've put so much time and dedication to turn what once just a love for music, into a fun and profitable career for more than 22 years and would love to pass on the experiences, skills, and knowledge that I've obtained.

Contact me if you're looking to begin, practice, or enhance any of the following areas... beat-mixing, scratching, track selection, library organization (mac & pc), Serato crates & cue points looping, effects, iTunes, record pools, etc. equipment purchasing & maint. for more of my biography, click here.,