Client Reviews

The Miller Wedding

Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.It was really important to my husband and I  to have a packed dance floor where everyone was up dancing and having a  good time.  We had been to a few weddings that DJ Menson and DJ Cory  Minto were the DJ's at.  At each of those weddings everyone was up  dancing, the music was on point, and it was just an amazing night. We  knew when we booked them we were in good hands and that they would  deliver exactly what we wanted and envisioned.

The music sheet  that we filled out prior was followed and manipulated in a way that made  the music for the night flow perfectly. The dance floor was packed the  entire night and the music was so much fun to dance to. We had guests  coming up to us during the wedding and the days following the wedding  raving about the music and how much fun they had.  DJ Menson and DJ Cory  Minto were big factors in helping our wedding turn into the party we  envisioned.  Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without them.  

RIP to the dance floor we killed.

-Nikki M

The Park Wedding

When my husband and I were planning our reception, all we cared about  was getting as many people on the dance floor from start until finish. I  was given DJ Menson's name from a friend who knew (from seeing him DJ  at The Sea Shell) that he knew how to throw a party. Suffice it to say,  she was right...

I was thoroughly impressed with both DJ Menson  and (his partner), DJ Cory Minto from start to finish, beginning the  summer prior to our wedding when DJ Menson spent his short break while  DJ'ing one night at The Sea Shell in Beach Haven, NJ to meet with my  brother, cousins, and I.

 Everything from his contract to simple emails were written with the utmost professionalism. And speaking of his  emails, as someone who wasn't very in to wedding planning, I really appreciated how he was always one step ahead of me in communication,  helping to keep me organized...

I have two words of advice for  anyone who hires DJ Menson... - trust him. I was probably more than a  little annoying before our wedding emailing lists of songs that we did  or did not want played. Lo and behold the best video of the night is of  an impromptu dance-off during the song 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree'  by KT Tunstall, a song I never in a million years would I have even  thought of putting on either list...

There are too many good things to say. Can't thank them both enough for making our family weddings so memorable!

-Justine F.

The Gagnon Wedding

"DJ Menson and his partner were amazing to work with! Their great  personalities, professionalism,  experience, and knowledge of the music  industry made choosing them for our wedding the easiest decision  throughout the whole wedding process. We knew that hiring them meant  that there was one less thing we had to plan. We gave them genres and  some song ideas and then let them have full control and it could not  have turned out any better.  One of the most fun parts of the evening  was the packed dance floor. During "Devil Went Down to Georgia', I was  convinced the second story of Sea Oaks was going to cave in.

A  year later, we still have family and friends telling us it was one of  the best weddings they’ve ever been to and I can honestly say I owe that  all to the DJs. I can’t thank them enough for all the time and  energy they put into making our wedding so unforgettable. I would  without any hesitation use them again for any event, and would highly  recommend them to anyone planning a wedding or event."

-Kristine F

The Mendiola Wedding

We had the pleasure of having DJMenson spin at our wedding in upstate  New York.  Prior to the wedding, DJ Menson took the time to meet with  us in person to discuss the details of the wedding and to also gauge our  style in music.  In order to have a fun wedding, you need music that  fits yourself and your guests.  His attention to detail made us feel  very comfortable about the choice we made in our DJs. 

Fast  forward to (our) wedding day, from first song to last song - DJMenson  and his partner (DJ Cory Minto) absolutely nailed it! Menson and Minto  were able to adapt to changes and also handle on-the-fly requests that  we needed.  We received messages from a lot of our guests that they had  an absolute blast.  There were even some guests telling us it was hands  down the best wedding they have ever been to.  You cannot get to that  level of fun without the perfect music; they kept us dancing and  partying all night. 

We could not have been  happier with the performance DJ Menson and DJ Minto put on for our  special day, we cannot thank you enough."

-Fred and Kim M

The Rossi Wedding

DJ Menson and DJ Cory Minto are the best!! Having attended previous  weddings they provided the entertainment for, my husband and I knew we  were in good hands when we booked them for our October 2017 wedding. We  were so happy to hear they were officially joining forces to start their  own company. When planning our wedding, the music was definitely a  priority for us. Our goal was to have a huge dance party with our family  and friends. DJ Menson and DJ Cory Minto made it happen!  They worked with our other vendors seamlessly. We appreciated how  professional and organized they were. Even after changing parent dance  songs multiple times, they triple checked our wedding outline and song  requests with us the week before our wedding to make sure everything was  just right. Our family and friends continue to tell us how wonderful  our DJs were! You can tell how much they love what they do! I recommend  them to everyone !!

-Katie & Steve Rossi

The Buono Wedding

Saturday, May 12, 2018